Plans for the remake

Hi there!I know it's long long ago since I really made an update to Stolen Light.
Like I said in a answer for a comment I will make a remake of this project because the bugs are more complicated then I thought first and because I learned new stuff with the RPG Maker since then.

The story will remain the same, but I want to take the chance to make the game a bit more pleasant and less hectic because I have more than just a moth time to make the game now.

I often had the intention of finally starting the remake but was constantly distracted by new projects that seemed more interesting to me. But I would like to leave that aside now and devote myself entirely to Stolen Light before I go on to the next thing, especially since I have seen that the project is still of interest.

Above all, I would like to ask you, what exactly did you like about the game, at least as far as it was playable, what did you find less good or bad?

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