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                                                             [ IN FIXING-PROCESS ]

When our loved ones go we mourn and begin to sorrow. We ask ourselves"Is there anything I sould have told them..... something I should have said?"
But there is a Forest which holds the Souls of the cast awayed of this world, till a pure Soul give them a Light which let's them escape into the afterlife.

The Humans of this region use this time to give this souls a propper farewell until that special night comes


  • playable with Mousepad
  • multiple Endings (1 good ending / 1 bad ending / 1 dead end )
  • hand-drawn side-scroll-map, faceset and titlescreen


I will definitely update the game. I´m planning to add some more cutscenes, facesets and a few little details.

And thanks to all of you who are playing my game. :)

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