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This was a very atmospheric game. I felt as though the story could use a bit of work, but the visuals and music was just fantastic. If you'd like to check out my play-session, by all means!

Failed to load: audio/se/Buzzer1.ogg

Das treibt mich in den Wahnsinn weil es ständig wiederkommt. Kannst du das File bitte nachreichen?

Okay. O.O
Gut zu wissen, dass die Audiodatei angeblich fehlen soll.
Ich schau mir das heute Abend an, wenn ich heimkomme, danke dir für den Hinweis!

Interessanterweise kommt die Meldung immernoch wenn ich einfach irgendeine Buzzer1.ogg an die Stelle kopiere. Nicht gleich von Anfang an, erst nach ein paar Minuten Spielzeit. Dann aber alle 10 Sekunden ca.


I finally got past the first area, thank you for the tips on the items! I also got a little stuck on the piano, but i got it eventually.... But overall i really liked your game and i made a LP for it:

I just can say again: Thank you SO much! ^w^
I´m really honored to hear that. I will start watching your LP tomorrow when I come home. <3

how do I get outside?

From the home? You need to find all items and than you can take the jacket from the wardrobe. After that you can go outside. (You need to press Enter at doors)

For the church: You can´t leave the church.